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Our Interior Design and Decorating consultation services include:

Take advantage of our of our experience in selecting finishing accents such as furniture, area rugs, fabrics, lighting and decorative accessories to tie it all together.

We can also assist you with…

  • Space planning and furniture layout
  • Custom furniture and millwork design
  • Styling…utilizing existing and new furniture/accent pieces
  • Kitchen and bathroom planning
  • Sourcing of products
  • Artwork consultation
  • Window and wall treatments
  • Lighting specifications
  • Computer generated conceptual images/layouts
  • Gift certificates-available upon request

Project coordination

We have access to a network of reputable and skilled trades-people, contractors, renovators, kitchen designers, suppliers, and retailers whose services we can certainly refer you to. We can coordinate our efforts to work alongside with these professionals to insure that your vision is met.

Design Fees

At Patricia DeRoose Interiors, all services are billed at a standard hourly fee with a minimum 1 hour charge per consultation meeting…then prorated to the quarter hour thereafter. We will come to you; meet you on site, at a supplier, retailer, contractor or builder’s office…wherever we may be needed. Travel fees may be applicable for consultations outside of Calgary.
The hourly fee is paid as you proceed; so you control when and where your money is spent and how much consultation time you need from us for your project. Wherever possible, any items purchased will be charged to your credit card; so that you know exactly what and when you are paying, and you will receive any applicable Airmiles, points, or bonus structures.

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“When my husband and I started gathering ideas for our new home we felt overwhelmed with decisions that needed to be made. The easiest and most rewarding decision was to ask for Patricia’s design assistance. Patricia’s ability to conceptualize space and coordinate colors and textures was reassuring. She paid attention to our personal tastes while making professional and practical suggestions to guide us in our decision making. She helped transform ideas from our imagination into reality. In the end, our dream home has turned out to be exactly that.”

Grant & Amy
Calgary, Alberta


Initial Consultations

An initial consultation is suggested to meet and discuss your ideas and needs. This provides us with the opportunity to gather information about what is best for your space, situation, and the scope of the project. It is at this time that we can determine if you require just a makeover or more is required; such as adding or changing colors, planning your furniture size and placement, or adding artwork, lighting, or window treatments. We can suggest painters, upholstery and window treatment services, or just about anything to revitalize your home. Whether for a new home, renovation, or simply to refresh and create change, we can assist you with your decorating dilemma. At the initial consultation, we will complete a questionnaire with you and review your requirements and possible options.
It is very helpful to gather certain information prior to the consultation. Collect magazine clippings that interest you: the color, furniture, fabric, style, and anything that is of a source of inspiration. Carefully consider your lifestyle and budget. Patricia will assist you in setting both short term goals and developing long range plans that will ensure that the finished project is part of a well-coordinated design. This consultation appointment is billed at the standard hourly fee, minimum 1 hour.

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Interior Finish Selections

Whether you are buying new or renovating, selecting your interior surfaces can be a daunting and confusing process! We can help...there is a certain order and approach to the selection of interior finishes that can save you time and money; avoiding costly mistakes, simplifying the decision process, and enhancing your own personal style. These finishes may include surfaces such as flooring, cabinets, counters, tile splashes and shower-tub surrounds, mouldings, fabrics, window-wall treatments and paint color selections. You will be guided through the decision making process; including deciding which surface finish to choose first; exploring the variety of choices available; as well as discussing the features and benefits of each selection. In addition, you will learn the importance of the relationship between these products; for example, your flooring choice will affect your cabinet stain choices, and tile colors, etc. ; It is this guided and straight forward approach that consistently leaves Patricia DeRoose’ clients feeling confident and satisfied with the style and function of their selections. This consultation appointment is billed at the standard hourly fee, minimum 1 hour.

Residential Design

Your home is a physical expression of you and should reflect your design goals and the way you want to live...not necessarily just the latest trends. Our goal is to assist you in creating an inspiring, stylish, and functional home you will love. We start with the initial consultation, measure and photograph, and then, based on your budget, pace, and schedule, develop a design concept. You decide when and how often you use our services during various stages of your project. Consultation appointments and project hours are billed at the standard hourly fee.

Color Coordination and Finishing Accents

Nothing transforms a room like color. We will help you discover the color to achieve a harmonious flow throughout the rooms of your home. To finish it off, we can then offer our guidance in selecting finishing accents such as furniture, area rugs, fabrics, lighting, and decorative accessories to tie it all together. This consultation appointment is billed at the standard hourly fee, minimum 1 hour.

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Assisted Shopping

Let us assist you in locating those items you require, always keeping quality and pricing in mind. We have access to many designer exclusive products including designer savings. We’ll be glad to help with the decision process...finding those perfect pieces and accessories, window treatments, flooring, furniture...whatever the room needs. We will help you create a look that will feel great and look sensational. This consultation appointment is billed at the standard hourly fee, minimum 1 hour.

Buyers Viewpoint Consultation

Thinking of selling? You only get one opportunity for a first impression. We will provide you with a checklist with the buyer’s perspective in mind. The checklist will provide you with the options you have in your home to further develop the appeal of your home on the market and to maximize your financial returns. This consultation appointment is billed at the standard hourly fee, minimum 1 hour.


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